Daily Archives: June 17, 2016

Today’s renters say ‘More amenities, please’


Yoga classes, spas, organic gardens, billiard rooms, rooftop terraces, indoor pools, concierge service. And, of course, Wi-Fi, everywhere, all the time. These are among the popular and appealing amenities spreading through New Jersey’s rental properties. Gone are the days when a few tread-mills in a dark basement room or onsite laundry facilities qualified as amenities. In today’s luxury rental market, the amenities are so rich and varied that they often become the deciding factor for discriminating renters.

In fact, the NMHC/Kingsley Associates 2015 Apartment Resident Preferences Survey showed that 94 percent of respondents said their top housing priority was high-speed Internet, beating out runner-ups, such as walk-in closets and a patio or balcony. Some common themes emerge when viewing the landscape of amenities — convenience, relaxation, fitness and connectivity.

“Today’s renters have two burgeoning demographic sectors: millennials who have never owned homes and the baby boomers who once owned, sold and now choose to rent,” said Kristina Hedden, vice president of marketing for BNE Real Estate Group, developer of The Waverly, a luxury rental community in Neptune. “While the needs and financial wherewithal of these two groups may differ, what draws them is the same: maintenance-free living with amenities and services that enhance their lifestyles.”