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Getting Ready To Cook This Thanksgiving? Head To These Local Food Markets


Thanksgiving Day is a special day to say the least, and it’s important to serve the tastiest food available to your guests if you’re planning on hosting in your Beacon apartment!

If you’re playing host this year, then forego your usual trip to that big-name market and instead, pick up some specialty items from the very eclectic and interesting food markets that exist throughout the Jersey City area. Check them out below!

Aspen Marketplace, located at 226 Washington St, Hoboken which is 10 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a one-stop shop for groceries, prepared food and specialty fare from an in-house deli, butcher and bakery.

Whether you are a long-time, loyal customer or just love to explore and discover new and exciting food for special days, Aspen Marketplace is a great spot for you to check out before Thanksgiving comes around to impress all of your guests.

Sobsey’s Produce, located at 92 Bloomfield St, Hoboken which is 10 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a source for high-end and organic groceries, hormone-free meat, hand-roasted coffee and baked goods.

Sobsey’s is much more than a gourmet market.  Professional chefs, foodies, and people passionate about produce all know that Sobsey’s is the ‘go-to’ store in Hoboken for the freshest food available anywhere. Whether you’re new to the area or one of the many customers that have been visiting Sobsey’s for decades, come on in!


Aspen Marketplace

226 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 659-0355


Sobsey’s Produce

92 Bloomfield St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

(201) 795-9398

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