Check Out These International Food Markets Near Your Beacon Apartment


Many of us haven’t stepped on an airplane or gone on our usual international getaways in a very long time. However, as any foodie knows, there’s another way to help fulfill your wanderlust – by cooking up a meal inspired by your favorite destinations.

Jersey City is an amazing multicultural city and the many international food markets in the area reflect that, offering cuisine from everywhere from China to Cuba. Check out these markets so you can find all the ingredients you need to create a meal from around the world right at home in your Beacon apartment.

99 Ranch Market, located at 420 Grand St, Jersey City which is four minutes from your Beacon apartment, is an Asian supermarket chain carrying imported specialty foods plus meat, seafood, produce and baked goods.

99 Ranch Market was established in 1984 by Roger Chen. As a Taiwanese immigrant, he noticed a cultural gap in the typical American supermarket where he saw a need for an Asian supermarket in surrounding communities. He filled that gap and thus, the very first 99 Ranch Market was born.

Prime Food Market, located at 180 10th St, Jersey City which is eight minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a food store offering Indian specialty groceries, plus a variety of prepared curries.

Prime Food Market offers a wide array of rich Indian cuisine made from only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, as well as authentic Indian street foods. Not an Indian cuisine expert? You’ll never feel lost here – their catering coordinators are always happy to help customers from making the menu selections to ordering pickup or delivery.

99 Ranch Market

420 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 536-8899

Prime Food Market

180 10th St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 942-2839

Shop For Thanksgiving at These Jersey City Grocery Stores


Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means one thing – your state-of-the-art Beacon kitchen is about to get some serious use! But before you start logging hours cooking on Nov. 26, you’ll have to fill up your shopping cart.

If you’re looking for top-quality meats, vegetables and more to serve to your family on Thanksgiving, look no further than these grocery stores located near your Beacon apartment. These stores offer huge selections, great customer service, fresh fare and more!

Hudson Greene Market, located at ­­77 Hudson St, Jersey City which is nine minutes from your Beacon apartment, is an airy grocery carrying specialty and gourmet food, much of it organic, plus cooked meals and coffee.

Hudson Greene Market is a neighborhood store and considers their customers’ needs in every item they stock. They put their customers’ needs first, offering delicious homemade items that make your life easy. Whatever your pleasure, they have it, including salads, sushi, sandwiches, bagels, hot foods and more. 

CTown Supermarkets, located at 885 Bergen Ave, Jersey City which is a 13 minute walk from your Beacon apartment, is a supermarket chain selling groceries and other merchandise such as beauty products and cleaning supplies.

Since they opened their doors in 1973, CTown has remained committed to supporting their local communities. All of their stores are independently owned and operated and dedicated to serving the needs of their unique customers. With 130 stores and counting, finding one close your Beacon apartment has never been easier.

Hudson Greene Market

­­77 Hudson St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 434-2080

CTown Supermarkets

885 Bergen Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

(201) 795-1740