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Where To Go Pumpkin Picking Near Your Beacon Apartment


You might not want to dress up. You might not want to eat an apple pie. But there’s no way you can miss out on pumpkin picking in October, especially since we have so many rustic farms near our Beacon apartments!

Pick out the perfect pumpkin from these pumpkin farms located right around the corner from home and make good use of it by cooking up a pumpkin pie or simply using it to decorate your Beacon apartment. You’ll have your pick of the litter – literally – at these farms, which offer huge pumpkin selections.

Demarest Farms, located at 244 Wiermus Rd, Hillsdale which is 38 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a quaint grocery store, nursery and circa-1886 working farm offering seasonal you-pick produce.

In the late 1970s, farm owners Peter and Marsha introduced what would become one of the largest and most important parts of the business: pick-your-own apples and pumpkins. Throughout the years, pumpkin picking at Demarest Farms has exploded in popularity as the farm continues to offer the finest quality fresh fruits and vegetables.

Alstede Farms, located at 1 Alstede Farms Ln, Chester Township which is 50 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is dedicated to providing high-quality homegrown local fruits and vegetables and memorable farm experiences.

This is especially achieved through their you-pick activities, which includes pumpkins in addition to a huge array of other items including apples, strawberries, flowers and more. During the fall, choose from orange or white pumpkins, munchkins, gourds and assorted winter squash.

Demarest Farms

244 Wiermus Rd, Hillsdale, NJ 07642

(201) 666-0472

Alstede Farms

1 Alstede Farms Ln, Chester Township, NJ 07930

(908) 879-7189

Where to Play Summer’s Most Fun and Goofiest Game – Mini Golf


With the sun shining and many of us searching for outdoor activities that will be fun for the whole family, a trip to the mini golf course may be just what you’re looking for this weekend!

Here in the Jersey City area, we have lots of options for mini golf through our local courses which offer beautiful scenery, interesting holes and an outing that’s both competitive and for all ages. Check out these courses near your Beacon apartment for the perfect Saturday afternoon outing.

Pier 25 Mini Golf, located at 225 West St, New York, NY in Hudson River Park which is 11 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a rain-or-shine course that at $5 for kids and $10 for adults, is an affordable way to have some fun.

They also offer mini golf party packages which include 20 games of mini golf as well as an hour and a half of table seating for up to 20 guests. A pizza party package is also available, which includes either 5 or 10 freshly-made pies.

Essex County Safari MiniGolf, located at 9 Cherry Ln, West Orange which is 20 minutes from your Beacon apartment, is an award-winning 19-hole course featuring creatures including a life-sized gorilla and hippo.

For $12 for adults and $10 for kids, you can get away from it all for a bit at Essex County Safari MiniGolf which is associated with the Turtle Back Zoo. You can make your way around this course which includes winding rivers, a fountain, a rolling desert and palm trees.

Pier 25 Mini Golf

225 West St, New York, NY 10013

(347) 756-5813

Essex County Safari MiniGolf

9 Cherry Ln, West Orange, NJ 07052

(862) 520-5024

For a Homegrown Cocktail, Check Out These Distilleries Near Your Beacon Apartment


During the summertime, there’s nothing like a refreshing cocktail to relax with at your Beacon apartment. However, here in Jersey City, you don’t need to go with run-of-the-mill liquors to enjoy with your cocktail of choice – you can purchase artisan spirits from nearby distilleries.

If you’re ready to mix up your summer drink with some high-quality, homemade liquors, stop by these local distilleries for rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and more that’s made with tender, love and care right here in the Jersey City area.

Corgi Spirits, located at 1 Distillery Dr, Jersey City which is six minutes from your Beacon apartment, is a craft distillery which makes potato-based gins and vodkas as well as cocktails served at their tasting room.

Founded by Robert Hagemann right here in Jersey City and inspired by British distilling traditions and flavors, Corgi Spirits only makes their liquors in small-batches and they have a passion for producing spirits that perfectly reflect their bold, lively character.

Silk City Distillers, located at 321 River Rd # 5, Clifton which is 16 minutes from your Beacon apartment, focuses on bourbon and locally sourced ingredients. They utilize corn, rye and barley from a farm in Sussex and combine them with additional hand-milled grains to create a mash that is both prepared, fermented, distilled and aged on site.

The distillery is owned and operated by three lifelong friends and NJ natives who share the belief that great spirits should be created by hand with quality, local ingredients, and with the passion and dedication of being true to the complete process of distillation.

Corgi Spirits

1 Distillery Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07304

(201) 448-4184

Silk City Distillers

321 River Rd # 5, Clifton, NJ 07014

Art Deco Splendor at The Beacon – Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else in Jersey City (or the USA)


While it might have been the amenities and great location that first drew you to The Beacon apartments, when you came for your first tour here you might have noticed that our six apartment buildings weren’t just your average modern luxury apartment buildings. While the apartments themselves are modern and new, The Beacon complex is a historical district here within Jersey City, each of our buildings registered with the National Register of Historic Places for their fabulous art deco exteriors and interiors. Decked in Gatsby glam from floor to ceiling, entering our lobbies can be overwhelming for where to look first.

The first building to be completed (The Orpheum) was built in 1929 and over the next six years all our other buildings opened as part of the Jersey City Medical Center Complex. Debuting right at the beginning of the Great Depression, America was at the peak of it’s art deco building craze. Former Jersey City Mayor Frank Hague was responsible for getting the project completed, and it was such an important event that US President Franklin D. Roosevelt attended the formal dedication in 1936 – thats right, you can tell your friends FDR has been to your apartment. 😉

Other famous historical art deco buildings, like the Empire State Building, were finished around the same time (and that NYC landmark can be viewed from many of our apartments.)

One of the most stunning displays of art deco design is in our main lobby. The first sight you’ll see upon visiting the Leasing Center, it’s definitely one of the most impressive sights in our complex – if not throughout all of Jersey City. Soaring marble columns, terrazzo flooring, winding stairs cases, etched glass, dazzling crystal chandeliers and moldings you usually only see in museums – you might feel like you’re going to visit the Wizard of Oz! It’s an impactful first impression upon visiting, and one you’ll never tire of coming home to.

A grand art deco feature you’ll find throughout our buildings is the terrazzo flooring – most notably, the honeycomb flooring.

Prominent throughout many of our lobbies and common area, the Beacon honeycomb is a bit of a staple in our community. The perfect backdrop for a brand new pair of Oxfords, it definitely gives our lobbies more of that Gatsby charm.

Like the honeycomb flooring, in our building interiors you’ll also find an array of other art deco graphics. Geometrics were all the rage in the 1920s and 30s, and The Beacon is basically a catalogue for all the popular patterns of the art deco period. Found in our air vents, our flooring, our moldings, and just about every other detail, art deco geometrics are on our full display in every nook and cranny.

Don’t just focus on the floors while you’re here though – you’ll miss a lot if you don’t look up! Original light fixtures can be found throughout our lobbies and halls, many even with original ceiling medallions.

Lighting the way for almost a 100 years, they’re reminiscent of another Beacon of light you can also see from your apartment windows – Lady Liberty herself.

Another exotic element of our interiors you won’t find in any new luxury buildings are the curves – our buildings are full-figured beauties! Curves in the staircases, curves in the terrazzo, curves in the molding, beautiful angles are everywhere throughout our interiors. A popular design during the art deco fashion, they certainly don’t make details like this anymore.

After viewing the interiors, take a walk around our historic grounds and admire the exteriors as well. You’ll find dozens of concrete relief panels, an exterior feature you’ll find on many art deco facades – however you probably won’t find as many as we have. A menagerie of peacocks, floral, fauna and other art deco motifs, our buildings give a whole new meaning to the term concrete jungle.

As you can see, living at The Beacon is not you average experience in modern apartment living – you’ll still live in luxury, but at a whole other level than newer buildings can grant you. With all the grandness of New York City’s art deco skyscrapers, here at The Beacon you can live amongst the history and still have views of New York’s famed landmarks. While we can show you pictures, no photo will ever do justice to the amazing sights you’ll see throughout The Beacon complex. It can be overwhelming, but we promise you it will also be unforgettable.

Come take a tour of our luxury apartments at The Beacon, but enjoy the historical art deco tour as well. You won’t find this much art deco splendor in any other building complex in the country.

Having Happy Hour Delivered to Your Beacon Apartment


Just because the taproom for the time being has become your Beacon kitchen doesn’t mean you have to forego your taste for craft beer or favorite wine. Instead, you can utilize the delivery and curbside pickup being offered by breweries and wine and liquor stores around Jersey City!

If you’ve been craving a cold one but just any old beer won’t do, check out this local brewery who are still doing their part to serve the community with their delicious brews. We also have several options for wine and liquor!

Departed Soles – In business in Jersey City since 2015, Departed Soles Brewery aims to have a beer line-up as diverse as our city. There’s something for everyone here, and COVID19 has not stopped their brewmasters from brewin’. Call in your order and pickup at their store, or for Memorial Day weekend, they are offering curbside delivery in Jersey City.

CoolVines – Our go-to wine store has always been CoolVines, and with the current times, they’ve became a staple for many Jersey City residents these days! Offering delivery through their website, CoolVines still has all the same great wine and liquor selection they’ve always had over the years. We look forward to the days where we can have them host another Happy Hour on our terrace!

Departed Soles Brewing

150 Bay St #2A

 Jersey City, NJ 07302, USA


350 Warren St

Jersey City, NJ 07302